Testimonial #2

I was referred to Andrea. I read her bio on her site and thought that her background would be a good fit for me. During our initial meeting I found her to be extremely comfortable to be with. She made me feel relaxed enough to discuss personal things right off the bat..and she’s funny!

I wanted to quit smoking which we have succeeded in doing together YAY!!! I am a non-smoker after 28 years of a pack a day habit. Her method worked surprisingly well for me, the cravings were minimal and very easy to handle. I also wanted somewhere to go on a regular basis for other issues. She’s been a safe haven, very helpful and understanding in dealing with my Mother’s recent passing. I’m sleeping better, I wake up in a better mood and I’m more relaxed overall. I think hypnotherapy is the most direct and honest type of therapy out there but your therapist still needs to be a good fit. Fortunately Andrea is a good fit for me. I plan on continuing my therapy with her…I think it’s good for the soul. Anyone considering hypnotherapy should consider Andrea. I know she would do her best to help them.

~ Kim R., Co-Foundeer, Gallery Row, Los Angeles


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