Phone Sessions

Hypnosis is a deep state of focused relaxation which can easily be achieved over the phone. You can be in a different city, country or remote location and still enjoy the benefits of Hypnotherapy. All you need is a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, a comfortable couch, a speaker phone, phone with headset or Skype account. A camera accessory for Skype users is helpful but not required.

Your hypnotherapist will initially discuss the changes you would like to make, your goals, desires and current limitations and then easily transition you into hypnosis all from the comfort of your chosen location. Once the session has ended, your hypnotherapist will bring you back out of the hypnotic state, discuss the session and any questions you might have. Phone sessions have proven to be just as effective as in-office sessions, and are extremely helpful for people with busy life or work schedules, those who are traveling, on vacation or living outside the Los Angeles area.

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