Fertility And Childbirth

Imagine what the world would be like if the people that really wanted to have children couldn’t, the people that were truly ready, the ones that had found a committed partner to go on the journey with, the people that were eager to love a new little baby and had the financial ability and wisdom that comes with age and experience to do so properly. Unfortunately, one out of six couples will fall into this category and will have difficulty getting pregnant. Hypnosis can help with fertility issues in many ways. Hypnotherapy can help to lower stress, rebalance a client’s “ph-levels” and create the optimal environment for conception and/or InVitro fertility procedures. Hypnotherapy can also help to preserve the couple as a unit regardless of the outcome. Dream Therapy can be used to uncover and vent out fears and negative associations that might be holding the couple back subconsciously. Your hypnotherapist can help with pain management in terms of side effects associated with fertility medications and invasive medical tests that may be needed. Hypnotherapy can create hope for clients with fertility issues, options, a sense of control and empowerment. Our minds can influence our blood flow, our hormones and help regulate our biological processes opening the way for conception, healthy pregnancy and birthing.

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